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July 19, 2016

A Look at Life Achievements The long journey of life, as we know it, is a tough battle of different levels where one needs to learn from mistakes in every experience, good or bad, and evolve by improving one’s quality of thoughts in order to make the most out of it and surpass challenges that may get harder as one gets older.As many quotes can generally say, the best lessons in life are not those learned in schools, but are those that can be experienced in one’s daily life that teaches morals and outlooks that can change the way one faces and handles the many unique difficulties in life. For many people, life achievements can vary from small things that mean a lot to bigger ones that can make a difference in many lives. But because many of the things that fulfill our lives and make us feel complete are often priceless, many personal achievements are meaningful goals and dreams that can never be bought by money. For younger adults that enter their last few years in school, being able to graduate from college with distinction and being hired in their first dream job can already be such a huge achievement, but as years go by, more goals can be dreamt of, and from simple academic dreams, one can start to dream of bigger goals that can be more challenging to achieve. The true measure and idea of achievements as a form of success often varies individually according to a person’s wants, and most especially their needs either temporarily or for their lifelong goal. It is also true that many goals still change over the years depending on one’s personal experiences that can change their priorities, while new goals begin once older ones are achieved. For example, a man that has finally got accepted in his dream job starts to dream of newer and bigger goals such as buying a house or a vehicle.
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Each person can also differ in how they see the immediate value of some aspects in their life where they find more fulfillment. For people that prioritize and value a higher level of education, they feel more fulfilled when they get recognized for their academic efforts in their chosen field of expertise. This achievement, however, may not be of that much value for an individual that desires to create their own family more than anything else, especially if they feel they have already achieved a certain level of financial stability.
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There are also individuals that find fulfillment in helping other people in need by working in charitable organizations where most people work only as a volunteer but find the difference they make as the best of rewards for their efforts.